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Get More Efficient Solar Panels With Solaria POWERXT 360

Author: Active Energies Solar, LLC | | Categories: Energy Efficiency , Renewable Energy , Solar Design , Solar Financing , Solar Installation , Solar Panel , Solar Payback

Colorado Solar Design

The solar energy provided by the sun is more than sufficient to meet the energy requirements of the entire planet. Moreover, by choosing this renewable source of energy, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Unfortunately, the solar panels that harness the sun’s energy can be expensive.

On the bright side, however, the more solar power you use, the more you save in the long run. That means an energy-efficient solar system can help you recover your money quickly and save more than you could imagine on your electricity bills.

If you’re interested in purchasing efficient solar panels available in Colorado, look no further as Active Energies Solar, LLC has just the product for you. Our Solaria POWERXT 360 solar panels are one of the highest-quality power panels in the residential solar market. They provide up to 20% efficiency for higher energy outputs, better economics, and superior shading performance.

High performance: The POWERXT 360 solar panels consistently set industry standards for reliability and durability. They are engineered to maximize energy production and are known for their ability to deliver potent power.

Lower costs: As the efficient panels of the Solaria POWERXT 360 solar system deliver more power per square meter area, the number of panels required reduces. The requirement of balance system components also decreases as a result, and so does the cost of installation labor. Compared to the lower tier one solar panel, Solaria POWERXT 360 panels cost only $0.20 more.

Better shading tolerance: With the new, improved technology used in the POWERXT 360 solar panels, you’ll notice that the panels harness more solar power when shading occurs. As the sub-strings in the panels are interconnected in parallel, they dramatically reduce shading losses and increasing the amount of energy stored.

Increase durability: The introduction of ribbon-less, solder-free cell-to-cell connections increase the reliability of the Solaria POWERXT 360 panels. Similarly, the overall design of the system enables it to exceed its twenty-five-year warranty.

To get the best deals on the Solaria POWERXT 360 solar system today, reach out to Active Energies Solar, LLC. As an outstanding solar company in Eagle-Vail, Colorado, we ensure our clients nothing but the best solar panels and excellent installation services.

Similarly, we contribute to our time, energy, and knowledge to our community with the aim of helping low-income families achieve affordable energy bills. We also volunteer to visit classrooms and teach the next generation about renewable energy resources, so they are aware of the urgency to live responsibly.

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